¡Orgullo de cartucheras! La última tendencia body positive de Instagram pone el acento sobre nuestras caderas

¡Orgullo de cartucheras! La última tendencia body positive de Instagram pone el acento sobre nuestras caderas
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Instagram se ha convertido en el gran reino del body positive. Atrás quedan los tiempos en que la perfección era lo que primaba en esta red social, y cada vez más mujeres, celebrities, influencers y anónimas, deciden defender la belleza natural a través de sus publicaciones. El último ejemplo es el éxito del hashtag #hipdips, que reivindica las cartucheras y, sobre todo, recuerda que existen en todo tipo de cuerpos y que no tenemos nada de qué avergonzarnos con ellas.

Ya son más de 1.300 las publicaciones que se han etiquetado con ese hashtag, la gran mayoría de ellas con mujeres que muestran a la cámara sus cuerpos con hip dips (esos huecos a la altura de las caderas, que las hacen más rectas y menos redondeadas). Esta publicación de Henya Mania, una instagrammer israelí, se considera que fue la que dio el pistoletazo de salida a una tendencia en la que muchas mujeres han pasado de avergonzarse de sus cuerpos a lucirlos orgullosas en Instagram.

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Filter vs. Reality Jameela Jamil

I always thought there was something irrevocably wrong with my body, until I heard the term "hip dips". Hip dips, or violin hips are an inward curve on each side, just below the hip bone. I struggled with my hip dips my entire life, young and adult. Always feeling incredibly insecure about my stomach. How I look from the front, from the back and from the sides. Even as a kid I remember wanting to cut my love handles and pasting them on to my hip dips. Such a sad thought should never cross any kids mind. For years I thought the problem was with the underwear I used, so I changes all of those. Then I thought the problem was with the cut of my jeans, so I switched to high waisted jeans. Then I thought the problem was that I'm fat, so I stopped eating. Then I thought I should just exercise, So I did 2,000 sit ups every day. Nothing helped diminish that little void in the middle of my body. Even at my lowest weight, my fat distributin was the same. It was like a sad reminder to how I would never look like a "real women", cause I was lacking in the very same spot that represents femininity (according to society anyway). Truth is, hip dips, or violin hips are just another form of the female body. A LOT of people have hip dips and its related to our bone structure. Only when I learned I wasn't the only one with hip dips, I started feeling more comfortable with them. We must always remember that our bodies are exceptional. They bring us from point A to point B. They help us perceive this world with 5 extraordinary senses. They are the only home we will ever have and the only thing we will ever truly own. And even that is temporary. So don't waste your time and enjoy this amazing body you were born into! Celebrate it! Run in the rain, dance in your undies, listen to your favorite music, eat delicious vegan food, have sex (with yourself or with a partner/s, but only if you want to and they want to as well), travel to a new country, drink a slushy, wear a funky outfit or do anything else that tickles your fancy. I may not know what's the meaning of life, but I know for a fact it's not about hating yourself.

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Henya confiesa que pasó gran parte de su vida convencida de que había algo erróneo en su cuerpo. Que pensaba que era consecuencia de utilizar ropa interior que no le quedaba bien, que después echó la culpa al corte de sus pantalones vaqueros, que llegó a hacer más de 2.000 sentadillas al día... hasta que asumió que los hip dips son solo una forma más de cuerpo femenino y que no había por qué hacer ningún intento por cambiarlo. Acaba su publicación diciendo que no sabe cuál es el verdadero sentido de la vida, pero que seguro que no tiene nada que ver con el odio a una misma. Un poderoso mensaje al que se han unido cientos de usuarias, orgullosas de sus cartucheras.

thought i was the only one with hip dips but i found this hashtag and i feel so much better about myself 😇😇 #hipdips #hipdipsrbeautiful

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I've been fucking with hip dips before it was cool. Anyways here's some progress. #hipdips #fit #gymrat #imtrying

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So...heres the thing....I've had a lot of issues around my body, and because I'm not large, I've always been dismissed, as if my struggles aren't real because they aren't the same struggles as others. I used to workout because I wanted to look better. I hated that I had #hipdips or saddlebags as the older generation called them, and that I had cellulite on my rear end. I now absolutely LOVE how strong my body is, even when my stomach isn't flat and I have a double bum. I LOVE how I actually grew 2 entire human beings and they are turning into little actual people, who will be real adults later. From my vagina. That's what I did. I LOVE that I'm strong enough to pickup my husband and piggy back him around the house. I LOVE MY HIPDIPS AND MY CELLULITE AND MY FRECKLES AND MY WRINKLES AND SAGGY MOM TUMMY AND MY CROOKED TEETH AND MY "PROBLEM SKIN". I love everything that I used to hate. Because not a single person in this world, is just like me and I'm fucking awesome. So are you. You are awesome. And beautiful. I love you. I hope you love you too!! #bodyacceptance #selflove #yogalove #yogalife #tattoos #tattooedyogi #strength #happiness #energy #meditation #fityogi #gratitude #goodvibes #goodvibesonly #blessed #yycyoga #practiceandalliscoming #fitnessmodel #jainawear #yogapants #girlswholift #love #yogaleggings #activewear #fitnesswear #fitness #fitlife #inversionjunkie

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My hip dips. #hipdips #trending

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