Si estás buscando las fotos más originales para tu boda, este ranking de las mejores de 2017 puede ser la mejor inspiración

Si estás buscando las fotos más originales para tu boda, este ranking de las mejores de 2017 puede ser la mejor inspiración



Elegir el estilo de las fotos de su boda es una de las decisiones más importantes que deben tomar unos novios. Al fin y al cabo, el gran día pasa rápido y son las imágenes las que permanecen para siempre en la memoria. Y ya nadie quiere aquellas fotos acartonadas y poco naturales que eran la tónica habitual hasta hace unos años. Ahora hay propuestas para todos los gustos, e incluso concursos para elegir las mejores del mundo.

Eso es lo que organiza desde hace diez años Junebug Weddings, el concurso anual de las mejores fotos de boda del mundo. Este año, fotógrafos de todos los puntos del planeta han enviado cerca de 9.000 imágenes para intentar hacerse con el ansiado galardón, de las que un jurado ha elegido las cincuenta mejores, que pueden verse en la web de Junebug. Y estas han sido las que han tenido el honor de entrar en el top ten de favoritas. Como decíamos, hay para todos los gustos.

1: La carrera hacia el altar

2: Amor bajo la nieve

3: Velo al viento

4: La devoción

5: Fuegos artificiales

One of @whistler_steve's images won @junebugweddings Best of the Best 2017 I'm so freaking proud of all the work Steve has created over the past few years. The way he sees light & is constantly pushing himself to try new things has led to a body of work that is constantly evolving in the most incredible way. Aside from the gorgeous images he creates, the thing I admire most is that when it comes to a wedding day it's always about the couple's experience first. He's been called the 'bride whisperer' quite often this year & it's a well deserved title. Huge congrats to all the winners from all over the world @bowsandlavender @jacob_loafman @helenaandlaurent @shariandmike @theapartmentphoto @benjhaisch @bensowryphoto @oscarcastrophoto @kamacatchme @irinaandmatej @maddiemaephoto @jimpollardgoesclick @amybluestarphotography @diktatphotography @chasewildphotos @frostyphoto & more. Shout out to this year's awesome judges @nisharavji @cinziabruschini & @lukaspiatekphotography (link to all the winners on our profile)

6: La belleza de lo espontáneo

Sign of the Times Oh Snap Esther and Ilis photo has just been named as one of the best of the best wedding photographs of 2017 in the @junebugweddings competition. What a way to enter into 2018. This is such a BIG deal for us, and not only because were good friends with the bride and groom, but also because this win marks the first of our Fijian weddings to receive such an accolade. And whats cool about this image is that (in our eyes) it really highlights Fiji, not just by the iconic building, or the handmade gowns by local designer Hupfeld Hoerder, but more importantly by the way in which the celebratory die hard spirit that we Fijians have and exude for one another (regardless of situation or circumstance) is showcased. Special thanks to the judges @nisharavji @lukaspiatekphotography & @cinziabruschini for the acknowledgment, and congratulations to all the participants and those who also picked up a prized spot. #TosoViti

7: Que la lluvia no arruine el día

We are so incredibly happy for our friends who were recognized last night at the BC Wedding Awards as they represent some of the best our industry has to offer. And while not taking any of that thunder away, we do want to say that we believe our industry has so many more incredibly talented people than could ever be represented by a few awards given out one time a year. For those who were not publicly recognized last night, know that we know (the industry knows) and recognizes the work you do everyday. Every time a bride and groom chooses you, you are being recognized. It is arguably the biggest most honourable award any of us could receive, for two people to say, yes, we want you Happy Thanksgiving to our friends to the south and happy Thursday to everyone #bcwagala #theapartmentphoto #vancouverweddingphotographer

8: A carcajadas

9: Brillando

10: Puede besar a la novia

Oh Yes This photo is chosen in the @junebugweddings 2017 Best of the Best Wedding Photo's of the Year A good start of 2018 It's great to share this honor with talented photographers worldwide Thanks to the sweet couple @johnyounge & @dean_younge , and the judges @nisharavji @cinziabruschini @lukaspiatekphotography . . . . . . . . #bestofthebest2017 #photobugcommunity #junebugbestofthebest2017 #junebug #junebugweddings #bestofthebest #loveauthentic #firstandlasts #dirtybootsandmessyhair #realmoments #vibesofvisuals #theweddinglegends #thedailywedding #lookslikefilm #indiewedding #radlovestories #dutchphotographer #destinationweddingphotographer #elopement #adventurouslovestories #loveandwildhearts #wildlove #forloveandadventure #destinationweddings #adventurewedding #radstorytellers #authenticlovemag

Imágenes | The Apartment Photo.

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